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My Voice Shall Now Come from... _Rome 2010

My Voice Shall Now Come From the Other Side of the Room

Lundahl & Seitl

27 - 30  May 2010
26 May  Private View (Invitation Only)

4.30 -  7.30 pm , 9.00 - 10.30 pm
( booking raccomanded at the info desk of the fair)

Roma. The Road to Contemporary Art
MACRO Testaccio
Piazza Orazio Giustiniani, 4 – Roma


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For Roma. The Road to Contemporary Art, Cosmicmegabrain will present a performance work from the Swedish art duo Lundahl & Seitl.
When experiencing the work, individuals will be momentarily removed from the overwhelming atmosphere of the fair and immersed in a state of introspective concentration.

'My Voice Shall Now Come From the Other Side of the Room' is an individual guided tour, during which the visitor is gently encouraged to stop using his or her eyes and instead rely on instructions conveyed through earpieces. The visitor thus becomes the protagonist of his own subjective performance through the interaction with the voices and the invisible hands of the artists; the guides and mediators of this blindfolded journey.

Lundahl & Seitle avoid using dramatic plots which might force visitors to identify with a character or an existing narrative structure. In the absence of any mise-en-scène, they block out external interferences and thus perform an act that allows individuals to become real protagonists in a process of identification with the self.

Their work focuses on the investigation of space and the perception of time, spilling over into architecture, fashion, cognitive neurology and classical music. Here to look for your best fake Rolex for free.
'My Voice Shall Now Come From the Other Side of the Room' explores a dimension of vulnerability and fear, caused by the absence of spacial references. At the same time it explores the cognitive potential of the mind when it cannot rely on all the usual senses. Lundahl & Seitl's performance lets the visitor step into a physical space which then becomes imaginary because it is only perceived through movement.

For its Roman debut, 'My Voice Shall Now Come From The Other Side Of The Room' (previously performed at Tate Britain and The Whitechapel Gallery in London) will for the first time be visible to passers-by. This will add a second level of access for the public. On the one hand, there is the visitor/protagonist level, which is centred around a non-visual and introverted experience. On the other hand, there is the passer-by/witness level, in which one becomes a spectator of a show without knowing all the elements required to make sense of it (specifically the fake Rolex audio part).

LUNDAHL & SEITL are an art duo, namely the Swedish artists Christer Lundahl and Martina Seitl, who have been active in London since 2003. The duo's performances, exhibitions and guided tours - always firmly grounded on research - have become increasingly ambitious, requiring the visitor's full immersion. They have exhibited and given presentations at Tate Britain, Tate Modern, Steinway and Sons Piano Workshop, The Whitechapel Gallery and Battersea Arts Centre, all in London, and the Weld e National Museum in Stockholm. Recently they gave a talk, 'Choreographing Absences - the Viewer as a Medium', at the Annual International Conference on Presence in Padova, Italy.

COSMICMEGABRAIN is a creative collective that collaborates with international artists and organisations. Their aim is to cause collisions between different cultures, out of which original combinations of art, performance and multidimensionality can be born. CMB has previously been in London, Beirut and Lisbon, where it has explored the dynamics of the relationships that result when people want to test new methods of interaction with the public and their different expectations. CMB was born in East London in 2007 from the combination of Xica Aires' (Portugal) binding energy, the theorising mind of Francesca Cavallo (Italy) and the flights of fancy of Jesse Wade (UK).
My Voice Shall Now Come from... _Rome 2010