Cosmic Mega Brain


B.E.: Do Not Avoid the Void _ London 2009

three weeks of art music performance
from 7th to 26th of May 2009

for the first week of Beyond Existence
cosmicmegabrain presents

DO NOT AVOID THE VOID (Beyond Existence)
Say hello to the abyss...but don’t expect an answer back.              May 14th to 19th

Private View: 14ht of May 7pm -12.00

Alessandro Bulgini, Nathan Barlex, Grant Aston, Ada Chinonye, Panayotis Delilabros, Mattias Harnestam, Tobias Collier, Tomas Rydin, Andrea Aquilanti
Performance: Aaron Baarschak, Mark McGowan, KLK
Tunnel designed by Nina Shen Poblete and Zeke Wade

coming soon: a new selection of artists in Incorporeal Manifestations 

Friday to Tues: 3.00pm-8.00pm
87-95 Curtain Road,  London EC2 3SB
[ Free Entry ]


Haven’t you frequently asked yourself
‘Where are all those weird places that seem so real in my dreams?’ ????

    It is the past and the future...the universal now that is reality for all existence beyond our own.  By definition, it is, and always has been unavailable to the living human.... until now!

Thanks to a temporary glitch in the space/time continuum, unnoticed by the cosmic order for a limited time only, Cosmicmegabrain is offering you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity... Top replica watches for sale for men.


... to glimpse the realms beyond our imagining, the places and times you were never supposed to see!!!

-    fearful emptiness
-    superior lifeforms
-    unfathomable landscapes
-    intangible sensations
-    megafauna
-    relics of humanity
YESSSS, just think how this experience could change you forever, giving you the edge you need.  Why not bring your friends and afterwards form an elite corps of “alter-humans”, dedicated to the enhancement of the human race?  
It could happen!


B.E.: Do Not Avoid the Void _ London 2009