Cosmic Mega Brain


Spiritual Promoses from Lost Prophets_ London 2008

Back from Beirut cosmicmegabrain presents
another extraordinary night of Art, Music, Performance!

from Lost Prophets

16th of October 2008

Cordy House
87-95 Curtain Road, Ec 21 3BS

Spiritual Promises from lost prophets is a group show of predominantly London based artists that premiered in Beirut, Lebanon in September 2008. The intention of the show was to reproduce the atmosphere and flavour of an east-London cosmicmegabrain group show; but also to nurture a cultural exchange by feeding from the experience. As a result the show now includes works from emerging and established Lebanese artists.

The artists on show offer a diverse range of observations and speculations on the plight of mankind and our perilous journey into the unknown. The resulting contrast in their outlooks is reflective of the nature of humanity; visions of future utopias and dystopias; interpretations of the present and realizations of alternative realities; the cycles of degeneration and regeneration in mystical landscapes and a cursed earth.

The backdrop of Beirut was a poignant reminder of the flux and disruption that can be wrought on landscapes and peoples by events both predicted and unforeseen. London itself has been no stranger to devastation and rebirth and as such is no less appropriate settings for these visionaries, these prophets of art, who are at once propagators of truth and fiction yet whose prophesies are true indicators of the human condition in these times.
Performance by Marc McGowan, Charlie Fox, Francis Thorburn

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Works by
Nathan Barlex, Ada Chinonye, Tobias Collier, Phoebe Collings- James, Jonathan Silverman, Lali Cienfuegos, Ricardo D’Avila, Ro Hudson, Filipe Felizardo, Samuel Nias, Nirakar Machhoya, Simon Ould, Tomas Poblete, Gabriel Thorpe, Leo Todd, Alexia de Ville de Goyet, Jesse Wade, Talar Aghbashian, Alfred Tarazi, Dalia Kamissi, Rasha Kahil, Marwa Arsanios and Mirene Arsanios

Cosmicmegabrain is an independent curatorial body, composed by Jesse O Wade, Francesca Cavallo and Francisca Aires.


Spiritual Promoses from Lost Prophets_ London 2008