Cosmic Mega Brain


Spiritual Promises from Lost Prophets_ Beirut 2008



from Lost Prophets
26 of September 2008

Ashrafieh, Pasteur street, Center Dagher, 8th floor

Art, Music, and Performance for one night only!

 Spiritual Promises from lost prophets, is a group show of international artists, to take place in Beirut, Lebanon.  The show was conceived by cosmicmegabrain collective after an invitation from the Beirut-based cultural association 98 weeks research project to take part with their upcoming project Beirut every-other-day, a series of workshops focusing on Beirut's urban space and its lingering ruins.

The 23 artists on show offer a diverse range of observations and speculations on the plight of mankind and our perilous journey into the unknown.  The resulting contrast in their outlooks is reflective of the nature of humanity; visions of future utopias and dystopias; interpretations of the present and realizations of alternative realities; the cycles of degeneration and regeneration in mystical landscapes and a cursed earth.

The backdrop of Beirut is a poignant reminder of the flux and disruption that can be wrought on landscapes and peoples by events both predicted and unforeseen.  It is an appropriate setting for these visionaries, these prophets of art, who are at once propagators of truth and fiction yet whose prophesies are true indicators of the human condition in these times.

The broad range of media on show in this one-night only extravaganza – including painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, video and performance – can satisfy the spiritual needs of the most pious devotees and the whimsical desires of the last minute believers.

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Marc McGowan and Charlie Fox

Nathan Barlex, Ada Chinonye, Tobias Collier, Cut-up collective, Phoebe Collings- James, Lali Cienfuegos, Ebba Erikzon, Gayatri Tandon, Ro Hudson, James Hague, Filipe Felizardo, Pedro Faro, Samuel Nias, Nirakar Machhoya, Onnalin Lojanagosin, Simon Ould, Tomas Poblete, Gabriel Thorpe, Leo Todd, Alexia de Ville de Goyet, Jesse Wade


DJ K, Dalila & the Chlekeh, DJ No Problem, Basil

Cosmicmegabrain is an independent curatorial body, composed by Jesse O Wade, Francesca Cavallo and Francisca Aires. Our aim is to investigate and promote the contaminations between art, society and popular culture with a multidisciplinary approach, organizing art exhibitions with emerging and established artists from Replica Watches UK and overseas


98Weeks Research Project is a recently established cultural association based in Beirut whose aim is to think together artistic practices and more theoretical forms of inquiries. 98 weeks wants to create a platform for debate, discussion and production in Lebanon and in the Middle East. The research aspect is always thought in close relation to artistic production; both the practice and the theoretical approach can contribute to open up the understanding of each.

Spiritual Promises from Lost Prophets_ Beirut 2008